Terms &


The terms and conditions are settled between two parties, Company (service provider) and Client (data purchaser).

Service Provider: Lead Spectrum Limited

Address: 71-71, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

Company House No.: 13143550

The Buyer: The data purchaser.

  1. a) Order Confirmation: The company’s sales order signed by the buyer to which these conditions are annexed.

  2. b) Product Criteria – The details of the data the buyer is purchasing as specified in the sales order.

  3. c) Data Record – means one data record provided (or to be provided) by The Company to the Buyer containing one person’s and or business’s name, postal address and / or telephone number and/or other information as specified on the Sales Order.

  4. d) The Data – One copy of the Data Records as per the Product Criteria maintained by The Company or on its behalf provided to the Buyer either in paper, printed or other documentary form or in other digital form (or additionally, alternatively stored on The Company’s computer or that of its bureau at an additional rate to be agreed).

  5. e) The Fee – The fee payable by the Buyer to The Company for the service and license to be provided by The Company hereunder and calculated in accordance with clause 8 below a summary of which is set out in the section headed “Payment Terms” and “Fee” in the Sales Order.

  6. f) The Delivery Date – The date on which the Data is or will be delivered to the Buyer in whole or as Instalments.

  7. g) Order Quantity – The estimated order of each verticals mentioned in the sales order, Company will generate the same amount of production as required by the Client.

  8. h) Data Type – First Usage means data meeting the Product Criteria not sold by the Company before. “Second Usage” means data meeting the Product Criteria not sold more than once by the Company. “List Rental” means data meeting the Product Criteria that may have been sold multiple times before.

The Company Obligations:

  1. a) The Company will deliver the Data to the Buyer at the address specified in accordance with The Confirmation of Order.

  2. b) The Company reserves the right to supply the Data in instalments (“Deliveries”) on varying dates (“Delivery Dates”).

  3. c) The Company will only be obliged to supply replacement data for invalid records of the Data supplied.

  4. d) In the event of any complaints or disputes concerning the Data supplied, The Company shall replace elements of Data only where the same is not in accordance with The Confirmation of Order, subject to the following:

  5. i) In respect of ‘First Usage’ Data the Buyer shall return all disputed data for investigation to the Company as early as possible or as otherwise stated on The Confirmation of Order.

  6. ii) The Buyer must return all other disputed data for investigation to The Company via email at the specified address on the delivery notice within 21 days of the Delivery Date or as otherwise specified on The Confirmation of Order.

iii) The Company has the right to provide replacement Data should a dispute be validated in   accordance with its internal procedures and compliance criteria.

  1. e) The company is obliged to provide call recordings for any calls requested by the buyer for first use data.

  2. f) The Company will, to the best of its ability, conduct due diligence on its Data Source(s) in respect to local laws within the country The Buyer will be using the data in for marketing purposes. This Due diligence is solely based upon the information shared with The Company via the completion of its due diligence form(s) & is a means to checking the level of compliance for said data.

The Buyer Obligations:

  1. a) The buyer must send detailed criteria for accepting leads and any changes in the pattern should be inform to the company before delivery date.

  2. b) The Buyer warrants that the Question Criteria supplied is correct and complete.

  1. c) The Buyer must supply the Question Criteria to the Company at least 2 days prior to the proposed delivery date so that company gets decent time to make relevant changes .

  2. d) The buyer has the right to demand for TPS screened data upon verticals criteria and requirement.

  3. e) The buyer has the right to take fresh generated and exclusive data for all verticals from the company as instructed in the sales order chart.


  1. a) The Fee will be calculated by reference to the quantity of Data supplied and will be charged in bands at the rate set out in The Confirmation of Order or as a fixed fee as referred to in The Confirmation of Order.

  1. b) In the event that the Fee shall be a fixed fee.

  1. c) The Company shall deliver as the Data such quantity of Data as is available as shall equal the Order Quantity.

  1. d) The Company shall be entitled to offer to the Buyer at a pro Data rate and calculated by reference to the Order Quantity and the flat fee, all additional Data.

  1. e) The buyer shall release the payment as settled in the sales order chart.


If company wants to discontinue with the services hence they have to give written notice to the buyer and serve the period of 15 days termed as notice period.

Similarly if the buyer intends to pause the business with the company a written notification should be sent to complete the formalities.